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Book "iOS Venture Apps"


This book is innovation piece and prototyping industry treasure, with all required knowledge for breakthrough in Apps Development from Essence's chief producer Vitalii Blazheiev.

"iOS Venture Apps" got rank #1 during first 2 weeks in Programming and Mac OS for Business Software categories at Kobo, which has 12 million subscribers

Its not only technology, mastering this framework will let you discover what you need to know to become expert and achieve $10K+ NET salary now with Essence or any other company in North America. Salary has always had a big impact on how people feel and work, so author wants readers to master "iOS Venture Apps" and start working like a star with multimillion dollar contracts. But the most interesting thing is that this book is adored by investors as well - since both workers and investors are on the same team.  Buy authentic book   or get access to content via 20$ subscription!